Philanthropic Funds.

Your gift to our Friendship Fund (undesignated) is valued because it can be used where there is the greatest and most immediate need. These gifts give us the most flexibility and responsiveness to projects and programs as they arise. You will help enrich lives, enhance our campus, and help ensure wellness.

Enhancing our campus…by creating a quality home that provides daily comfort.

Enhancing our Campus

“Commenting on his recent gift to purchase birdfeeders for our Terrace Courtyard: “I like for people to enjoy themselves and when I give to Friendship Village of Columbus, I find it is helpful to all our residents.” (Don also re-fills the feeders weekly.) ”

Don Sexton, FVC resident 2012

With over 400 residents, families, staff, and visitors using our facilities, our buildings and grounds require regular improvements. Our Capital Improvements Fund helps support equipment, building, and grounds improvement projects. Friendship Woods is a walking trail that provides a space of peace and tranquility for reflection, connection to nature, and a change of scenery. Through our Friendship Woods and Grounds Fund and the George Woodward Endowment, we beautify the Woods and our outdoor environment to allow residents to reconnect to the outdoor experiences which have sustained them throughout their lives.

Enriching resident lives… by providing lifelong learning and soul-nurturing programs to expand minds for growth and enjoyment.

“Getting older gets better every year when it’s time for my birthday. It all makes me glad that I live here in this friendly place.”

Frances Mumaw, resident since 2003



Daily our arts and crafts room, woodworking shop, and billiard room are buzzing with activity. Residents love the social interaction around such activities and are thrilled with the results of their labors, many of which benefit the campus. Through our Arts and Recreation Fund we are able to support these programs, projects, and the physical plant and equipment to provide them. Nearly every Tuesday night there is a concert or entertainment program for residents to attend. Our van is often on its way to Pro Musica or Jazz Arts performances. The Cultural Experience Fund helps expand our resident’s world of cultural opportunities on and off the FVC campus. Our Music Performance Fund supports musical participation as well as appreciation. FVC has not one, but two chimes choirs and the recorder quartet practices weekly in E-wing lounge. Discussion groups and outside speakers on subjects such as world hunger and overseas missionary experiences are a regular feature of FVC life. Our Resident Lifelong Learning Fund helps support these opportunities for residents to explore and learn.

Ensuring wellness… by providing state of the art tools and excellent care to extend and improve quality of life.

Ensuring Wellness

“Every day at Friendship Village, I am inspired by our residents’ enthusiasm for fitness and living a healthy lifestyle. We do our best to offer a variety of wellness programs that will encourage this enthusiasm and incredibly important aspect of life. Our quality of life is impacted daily by our ability to maintain our independence. I believe it is my responsibility and privilege to provide our residents at Friendship Village the opportunity to stay fit, active and independent … and they have fun doing just that! ”

Shannon Kirkendall, FVC Fitness Coordinator


It is through staff education and retention that Friendship Village can provide the one-on-one care that makes us stand out in our skilled and independent living wellness programs. Through three funds, Health Center Staff Scholarships, the Lyle Family Fund, and Staff Scholarships, philanthropic dollars help to train and educate staff for high quality service. Medical equipment and aids change daily, and to maintain state of the art care, our health professionals review equipment needs frequently. The Health Center Fund can help underwrite equipment and programs needed in the Health Care Center or Ridgewood to support safety, security, and health of residents. Life transitions are a fact of life within our community, and having the aid of a professional chaplain through tough times for discussion and nurturing is invaluable. Our Spiritual Life Fund helps to provide private space and guidance as residents explore their spiritual well being. Our Benevolent Care Fund assures residents who have outlived their resources a home at Friendship Village by providing grants to bridge the gap between their income and their expenses.

Philanthropic Funds at Friendship Village of Columbus
… Promoting independence, wellness, and human dignity.

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